Big Air FIS World Cup

Friday February 20, 2015

Îlot Fleurie (near Dufferin-Montmorency highway)


As with Halfpipe, Big Air is a judged event. Individual riders approach a single jump high of 40 m and long of 110 m (also called a ‘Kicker’), perform tricks in the air, and land on a slope of around 30 degrees. Judges award points based on overall impression which will include style, degree of risk and of course a clean landing! For photo opportunities and a big crowd atmosphere, the Big Air event is without peer. The ‘Wow factor’ is huge, but it is far more difficult for the spectators to be able to tell who will win than it is with the race-based disciplines. And ladys will perfom at the BIG AIR this year again! 


For the very first time in the discipline’s history, the Big Air World Cup will be open to women at Snowboard Jamboree. Last year, with FIS approval, the organizing committee asked women boarders to strut their stuff during a demonstration period, but the Sochi Olympic Games and bad weather meant they were unable to. FIS is keen to try again in 2015, this time for an official World Cup, with a first stop in Istanbul on December 20, 2014. All of which means that boarders of both sexes will be wowing the crowds at Îlot Fleurie on February 20.

Freeski demo

At 18H50, spectators will have the chance to see a short freeski demonstration, prior to the big air final.For the second year in a row, the Snowboard Jamboree gives the opportunity to observe the athletes of Union Freeski Club in action on the impresive big air structure.

TV Broadcast

Live TV broadcast Friday February 20 from 7h00 to 8h30 PM at TVA Sports 2

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